Again, from yesterday’s link:

Hence, I always thought the most appealing part of Flipboard was the manually curated directory of sites to follow. It’s a list of lists, but it isn’t trying to encompass everything, and so, unlike Yahoo, it isn’t unmanageably big.

Right, and that’s why I like the UX so much. The discovery section feels manageable to read, not a firehose cranked up to eleven like other social platforms. Kudos to @jean for doing a great job curating it.

A challenge for future developments, @manton:

But that just relocates the problem - what if you want a list that isn’t on the list of lists? If you wanted to find 5 new sites to read about a topic you care about - ice-climbing, or vintage furniture, or experimental electronic music, or children’s picture books - where would you find it? Can you create a platform for all those lists without turning into Yahoo?