The . catch-all tag in Bear

It might be clear by now that I love It is, by far, the most used app on my phone.

If you, like me, are a heavy user of tags in your Bear notes, one thing you quickly start to notice is that the left bar, where each of them is listed, starts to get crowded pretty fast.

So one quick workaround I came up with is to use some kind of “namespace” to prepend to each tag that is not used daily as part of my personal knowledge management system.

I have a “first-tier” class of Second Brain-like tags, such as 01_Projects, 02_Areas, 03_Resources, 04_Archive, and a few more. But, since Bear allows tags to be nested in a hierarchical fashion, every other tag goes under the mighty . tag. So, for example, every note I have about running gets the #./running tag.

What happens then is that in the Bear UI, these nested tags are hidden under a nifty drop-down, under the unassuming . tag.

Is there a better solution to the messy-list-of-tag problem? If so, please let me know.